The Runner Becomes the Chaser

Big case in Mt Juliet. Wife of a Nashville business man claims she just doesn’t love him anymore. The business man has had her followed by other PI’s over the past 6 months to no avail. The female subject was living in the couple’s second home. There was only one way into the subdivision. The first night I watched her she drove her car at a high rate of speed to evade me. After I withdrew from the chase, she turned around and began following me. The female subject was getting right on my bumper. I drove to a secluded area and turned off into a driveway. She drove on leaving me bewildered at her lack of regard for personal safety on the road. I sat there a few minutes, then proceeded out of the long private driveway. Boom, there she was again behind me. I could see clearly there were two people in the car. They appeared to both be female. I finally lost them on the interstate. I told the client No Thank You! I do not need this kind of pressure. A few weeks later the business man called again asking me to please reconsider taking the case on again. I decided to give it another shot. I was sitting 4 houses away from the female subject’s house. There was a slight drizzle all afternoon so on the drive over there I had my headlights on. Not realizing this I sat there and ran the battery completely dead. Thank the Lord I have family in Mt Juliet because I called my brother-in-law. He was there in 10 minutes jump starting my car. Don’t you know right when the car started she pulled out. Yes! What I have yet to mention is I had several people sitting around the area as look outs only. Then my brother-in-law was able to block my car while we jumped started and he buffered me on the way out. Her final destination was a movie theater. A normal driver would have taken one left, one right, immediatly over the bridge to Providence Mall, then left into the Mall. Nope, not this lady. She went straight to the dead end, took a right, went 2 miles, took a left, then another left, then drove back 2 miles, then left putting the movie theater on the right. However, I lost her in all that driving but I had an idea of what she was doing plus I know the area very well. So thinking the only thing that made sense was she just doubled back to go the Mall, I searched the Mall. BINGO! Parked at the movie theater. Yes! So I wait the 2 hours. Hello darlin’ walking right in front of my car with your boyfriend on your arm. They make their way over to the NY Pizza where all the outer walls are wide open glass. MMMM so good. I watch as the couple love on one another. Isn’t young love beautiful? Well excitment is the atmosphere at the moment and who would have thought it could get better. I look around and I see my relatives have came by to do some shopping. I tell them about the conclusion of this case being good for my client. I said well I have to go because I want to be at her house to document what time she gets home. I drove back to the subdivision of the female subject and parked. I noticed her big wooden gates on the short driveway were open. I didn’t see them open when we left. The gates were not open the last time I watched her. She was always parked in the space between the big wooden gates and the end of the driveway. At the time I did not think much about it. I sat there about 10 minutes, then I called my relatives. I was telling my relative that I am leaving now because I see the female subject’s vehicle pulling into the driveway. My relative said, “no, I am still looking at her but her boyfriend left a few minutes ago.” Wow wow wow, that means the man with her was probably pulling into the driveway going behind the gate. So I immediately pulled forward and took down his tag number using my video camera. I call the tag out as I get the recording. He pulled his vehicle parallel to the house in the backyard. By parking his vehicle this way, it could not be seen from the street. I was so excited to know that the female subject was still at the pizza place that I screamed outloud. The client had suspected there was another man now we had the proof which was about to get even better. I kept my relative on the phone until he told me she just left. I waited at her house for her vehicle to approach. Since I knew I had the evidence and she had chased me, I took some pride in showing her the colors: Meaning, as she pulled into her driveway I slowed down simutaneously rolling my window down so that she could see my camera.