When You Are Cheated On

There is a reason someone cheats on a spouse. If you have been wounded by a cheating spouse it might be time to get out. If you want to keep the relationship please go get a counselor. Thinking you can guilt someone into staying in a relationship is not smart thinking. Read up on The Five Love Languages. It is difficult to navigate certain aspects of married life. It can be exhausting trying to handle it all on your own or even with your spouse. As a Female Private Investigator I have met several types of spouses who have been cheated on. One type of spouse tells me they want to gather information to ultimately devastate the spouse in some way such as financial. Another type is the spouse who claims to want the information in order to repair the situation. This type of person usually tells me that it takes 2 people to make a marriage work and 2 people to make marriage fail. Then there is the I just need the information to get out clean person. I have several clients that keep in touch. I notice the clients who have received counseling are still together. One client has me follow every new man in her life. Whatever you plight in life it will get better. I think it is best to know who a person is before you fall in love with them.  Be selective.