Banana Peel Bandit

Wow some cases are so bizarre. Many times a client does not know how a private investigator can help them. Take the case of the Banana Peel. My clients were waking up each morning to a banana peel in their finely manicured lawn. At first it seemed funny but after it continued it became unsettling. Why would someone do that? And what can be done about it? Well these were the answers we were seeking. We started with this female private investigator sitting up all night trying to see the culprit. However, he or she never struck while I was sitting there. So we set up a series of cameras. At first we just got a tan sedan on camera throwing the banana peel at around 4:15 am. So the clients took over the investigator and began documenting the constant banana peel harassment. Over the course of 30 days the banana peel bandit dropped the goods 27 times. And then we got the lovely beautiful license plate number. Oh glory, now what. Well a little visit to the local police department was very fruitful. Turns out the clients documented 27 counts of littering. The fine for littering in this city is $1000 x 27 = $27,000 + court costs + private investigator costs + camera costs to the clients. Ahhhh the justice system some times works. The clients decided to settle for just the cost of the PI, cameras and court costs in exchange for the reason why. Turns out the banana peel bandit was a neighbor who was under the impression that my clients had something to do with a letter he had received regarding the behavior of his teenage son. In retaliation for the letter the banana peel bandit was littering on the lawn of the homeowners associations secretary, who, by the way, had nothing to do with the letter. So it just goes to show there is something that can be done when handled properly. Well done my Hendersonville Tennessee clients.