Domestic Violence and The Judge

This post is for the ladies and gentlemen who think domestic violence is not going to affect a disposition in court. It is very difficult to sit in Nashville Tennessee Divorce Court listening to real stories of a love gone wrong. Both women and men have been guilty of domestic violence. Many times it is not reported because a spouse wants to give his or her partner the benefit of the doubt. Loving a person, to some, means covering up bad acts in a effort to move forward. Here is what happened in court:
Wife: He said he never cheated but he I found photos and sexy text messages on his phone. (lawyer asks more about relationship) Wife: He has pushed me a few times and hit me once a few years ago. He recently took my car because it is a company car, he also took my computer which the children use for homework.
Husband: I use that computer for work. I have never cheated on my wife. I was just starting a relationship with the other woman because my home life was so bad. I can not give her my company car even though I have a personal truck but I do not drive the truck for sales calls. I only hit her once in my life and it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Judge: Mr. Husband, do you drink alcohol? Husband: Yes, I like to have a few beers. Judge: Would you say you drink beer everyday? Husband: Yes. Judge: Mr. Husband, You will bring the company car to your wife today. You will drive whatever you want for sales calls. Your wife has been driving that “company” car for years so return it to her. You will return the computer immediately to the martial home. You will pay (60% of his income) to the wife and children until this matter is settled. Further, Mr. Husband, you say you never cheated on your wife! Well the first time you sent an inappropriate text to the other woman you were cheating. You are a cheater Mr. Husband. Mr. Husband stand up, look around this room. There are men in this room who have never and I mean never! Sir, hit a woman. You are an abuser. You pushed her around, you cheated on her and then left with marital property. The judge went on saying you have 30 days to get your act together Sir. I am not ordering any drug rehab or anything but if you don’t pursue that on your own it is not going to be a good day in court for you 30 days from now. Do you understand? Husband: But judge my dad owns that car and we use at the office. Judge: If you provide her with a better car that will be fine but until then the company car will reside with the wife. I don’t care what you tell your dad. Get your wife and children a car. Then the judge ended with instructions on the next court date.
Renee Brewer Private Investigator