Falsely Accused? An outsider’s view.

We help many clients who have been falsely accused. Falsely accusing a spouse of a crime, especially of domestic violence, is the number one strategic move in an ugly divorce. One of our clients was charged with kidnapping because he pushed the button to close the garage door with the wife in the garage. The charges really depend on the willingness of the accuser to lie to the police. If you think your spouse is trying to get an undue restraining order, it could be better to go to a hotel than to go to jail.

One must consider the costs for attorney’s and possibly probation if convicted. Further, it could affect your good standing with the court in the future. It is not worth it, run! Keep your integrity intact. We know how scary it is to have a spouse lie about circumstances. We go the extra mile to help gather the evidence to prove to the court the clients innocence.

Summons to Appear