GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking Devices are very handy when an investigator can legally use the devices. People choosing a GPS Tracker need to consider how the device will be used. If we are trying to follow a person to see who that person meets up with, the main thing to look for is how often the tracker updates. We use a 5 second update which helps us stay right on the subject’s vehicle. If a client only needs to know where the vehicle sits overnight, then a less expensive tracker with a 60 second update could be used. We encourage our clients to purchase their own tracker for each case. If the client is the sole owner of a vehicle we will install a tracking device for a fee.

There are two kinds of tracking devices. One type of tracker is called an OBD Tracker meaning “on board diagnostic” tracker because it plugs into the OBD port on the vehicle. The OBD port is a great place to put a permanent tracker. On my vehicle, a person has to get under the dash to see the OBD Tracker. These trackers are less expensive than the “slap and track.” The OBD trackers have lights blinking when in use which must be considered when a person is trying to track someone undetected.

A slap and track is a tracker inside a magnetic box. A person could find a spot on the underneath front or back of the vehicle to place the tracker. I like to put it on a “shelf” so that the magnet faces the asphalt and the box faces the sky. Make sure you can see the icon for the tracker on your app after placing it under the vehicle.