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So we are working a case at a small Pub in Nashville. In small places we usually  hang out by the restrooms. We are sitting directly behind a couple at the bar. We are not engaging them, they are engaging us. The bearded man and the short blond tell everyone they are from Texas. For some reason they keep driving this home for the other patrons. The couple seems off a little, maybe paranoid. What I know is, the two kept turning all the way around to look at us. My partner said my shoes gave us a way, white tennis shoes. For some reason the couple gets nervous. The bearded man gets up puts cash on the bar, then heads for the back of the bar where the darts are located. Then the female gets up to go the restroom leaving her cell phone on the bar but taking her purse. My partner said, she must be leaving, she is taking her purse. Well she entered the ladies room at 9:40 pm according to our video surveillance. At 9:47 pm, I went in the ladies room and the blonde female was gone. There is just no way out without coming right past us, I thought. I must be wrong because that little Texas filly just gave us the slip. Although she had no reason to do so. The only thing we can figure is she came out of ladies room then ducked under the hinged bar counter top, kept low to the floor then headed out towards the back where bearded man went a few minutes earlier. After laughing at the fact the couple was not on our radar but split out of there like we were the cops and they had outstanding warrants, we looked for these two people. We could not find them. It was quite funny as well as a learning experience about human behavior.

Background Checks Nashville

Why get a Background Check? One good reason for instance, in Nashville Tennessee a person will run into a lot of “freelance” workers. While most of these people are good industry people others are not. A person can run many criminal checks for free in various cities. For Nashville Criminal Checks click the following text:

Davidson County Tennessee Criminal Record Check

I ran a background check on a production company recently to find the owner had a long criminal record of fraud. I did some research to find out exactly what had happened. The first thing I found was a previous client of this production company had not received their masters after 8 months. Our client was glad a background check saved a lot of future headaches.

If you are coming to Nashville to record please do some research on who you are going into business with. It is better to pay a little more for the quality results. Get references for the producer and the recording studio. Go online and read any reviews. If you are not able to complete your own background check please call Prinow Investigations.

For $125, you can have a background check within 24 hours. Background checks range from $50 – $125. For $50 we can search for criminal records, sex offender records and past addresses. The background checks go up from there. Our most comprehensive background check provides liens, assets, vehicles, possible relatives, website listings of subject, mugshots (if any available) and other in depth information. We frequently investigate using social media like Facebook, Ashley Madison, Craigslist and other online hook-up services.

One client who could not catch her Craigslist cheating husband consulted with Prinow. We suggested she go out of town so he would be able to use the computer freely. The fee was $500 for the weekend and on Monday she received: Her husband’s very detailed emails about his desires, a video of her husband meeting me at a Mexican Restaurant having drinks and a recording of the conversation we had at the bar. This Nashville PI did not have to appear in court because the evidence said it all.



Nashville TN PI

Since becoming a Private Investigator I have worked every Valentine’s Day. It is a for sure day for a spouse to catch his or her cheater. This Valentine’s Day I worked for a previous client. A new person on the scene was possibly giving misinformation. Pretty simple request to follow the boyfriend home from my client’s house. Well he went home where his ex-girlfriend was waiting for him. The two got into one vehicle, then headed out for dinner. We were able to send video to my client of the two shopping for delicate items after dinner. The note I got from my client at the end of the case said “you have no idea how much money you just saved me.”

Tis’ The Season

Tis the Season to make sure all is well at home. I have an unmarried client. She has a lot of money. It is so hard for a woman to find a decent man in this world now add money to the equation and it can be nearly impossible. She called this Female Private Investigator for the fourth time in our relationship. She thought she had a good catch. My client lives in Brentwood, she always checks out her new date by having me run a background check. Well the first thing we noticed is his address was not what he said, so that was a red flag. He claimed to have lived at 500 Private Road, Nashville Tennessee when he really lived at 577 Private Road. What is the difference? 500 is a big fine home worth upwards of $400,000, while 577 is a fully gated apartment complex. Well okay she said, we better have a look at where he really lives. So I waited for him to return from my clients dinner party. I saw him enter the apartment complex. He parked near his apartment and then …boom a female approached his truck, gave him a hug and got in with him. I followed him to WalMart where he purchased many gifts for his lovely companion. I listened to them talk, they were obviously intimate with one another. My client was upset but happy to know the truth. She said “do you know how much money you just saved me.” I am happy to do my job I said. She said I was her favorite person in Nashville. I am just doing what I am suppose to. Seek and ye shall find I said.