Nashville TN Private Eye

Sometimes being private eye in Nashville TN means risk. I feel it was easier for me to get close to this “meth” house because I am a female private investigator. The case started when a grandmother called me with great concern in her voice because one of her grandchildren was living in a meth house. The child had a sibling in the hospital with unexplained burns. The police could not prove the child was burned because of meth production but the police were not allowing the child to leave the hospital. The parents were both known to be on meth. They were hiding with the younger sibling, age 6. We knew they were somewhere in off Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, Tennessee. I was hoping for a recent police report or court appearance I could use to track the two meth users. I did not have any success. The grandmother had given me the birth mother’s old cell phone. I told the concerned client I wasn’t sure what I can do with the phone but I would try. About a week later the cell phone rang, I answered, it was a recording from an elementary school about being approved for free lunches. Once I heard that, I called the number back and spoke to a woman who explained the message to me. Once she confirmed the school name I waited at the school with a photo of the child. I saw the child getting on a bus. I followed the bus to where the child got off the bus. A pick up truck with a man and a woman inside was waiting on the bus. The child was greeted by the couple and brought into the truck. The three people stayed parked for 41 minutes, just sitting. I watched them buckle up so I pulled out in front of them. They drove so slow it wasn’t hard to pull off and watch them go by. I only saw what street they turned down so I hurriedly put my dog’s leash on. We rushed down the street where the house was just in time to see the child entering the residence. The couple continuously looked all around in a paranoid fashion. I understand later that week the younger sibling was removed from the home while meth production was underway. Sometimes a private eye can make a difference.

Rescued Dog Cookie Still Here

I found this dog 12/31/11 at a YMCA event. She was under 5 lbs, very wet, weak and biting anyone who came near her. I got her home after 3 doggie bites to my arm, then put her in the bathroom with wet food and water. In about an hour I checked on her. She leaped into my arms and we have been best pals ever since. This is a very smart dog. However, she will nip or even bite someone who is pushing her to her limit. After a long sickness with doggie Pancreatitis, she is very active. Thanks to my mom for taking care of the dog with me. Cookie likes to go bye bye, so I made a nice dog area in my car for travel.

Cookie Plays fetch alone 2012 Click Here


The above video is March 2015 with K-9 Unit 1
She seems to be on a surveillance.


Banana Peel Bandit

Wow some cases are so bizarre. Many times a client does not know how a private investigator can help them. Take the case of the Banana Peel. My clients were waking up each morning to a banana peel in their finely manicured lawn. At first it seemed funny but after it continued it became unsettling. Why would someone do that? And what can be done about it? Well these were the answers we were seeking. We started with this female private investigator sitting up all night trying to see the culprit. However, he or she never struck while I was sitting there. So we set up a series of cameras. At first we just got a tan sedan on camera throwing the banana peel at around 4:15 am. So the clients took over the investigator and began documenting the constant banana peel harassment. Over the course of 30 days the banana peel bandit dropped the goods 27 times. And then we got the lovely beautiful license plate number. Oh glory, now what. Well a little visit to the local police department was very fruitful. Turns out the clients documented 27 counts of littering. The fine for littering in this city is $1000 x 27 = $27,000 + court costs + private investigator costs + camera costs to the clients. Ahhhh the justice system some times works. The clients decided to settle for just the cost of the PI, cameras and court costs in exchange for the reason why. Turns out the banana peel bandit was a neighbor who was under the impression that my clients had something to do with a letter he had received regarding the behavior of his teenage son. In retaliation for the letter the banana peel bandit was littering on the lawn of the homeowners associations secretary, who, by the way, had nothing to do with the letter. So it just goes to show there is something that can be done when handled properly. Well done my Hendersonville Tennessee clients.

We go where the case leads us – Franklin TN

Third day of surveillance in Franklin Tennessee. Our subject is suppose to be unable to work. LOL…This morning I was glad I couldn’t sleep. I went on over there early arriving at 5:40 am. Within 5 minutes of my arrival the subject exits his home and proceeds to the interstate. After following him to Columbia Tennessee, I witnessed this man carry a 8 foot ladder 50 feet from a small office building to a garage under construction. He opened up a cabinet near the garage and pulled out a drill. He climbed the ladder with the drill in his right hand while climbing to very top of the ladder. He stood on the second step from the top as his began drilling into the structure. About 15 minutes later two men arrived and appeared ready to work. The subject came down from the ladder to help the other two gentlemen carry 2×4’s from the small office to the garage. This subject has made this female private investigator very happy. I continued to video tape the activities while I called my client. The case is not over because we have plenty of footage of the unable to work subject working very hard. I even got a close up of the sweat on his brow. 🙂 YEE HAW!

Franklin Tennessee

Just started this case. Hard house to watch. My subject is suppose to be completely incapacitated, only able to get around with a wheel chair. Well today I saw him pulling a luggage cart that seemed very heavy. Then he unloaded the luggage cart into his van. He was tossing the bags into the side door of the van. I got so tickled. If he only knew how wonderful his actions are too me. I followed him to a storage unit where he tossed the bags into the small garage type of unit. I was so glad the storage unit sat below a hill. I was able to sit higher than this man and get some great footage. My client will be very happy. I will be watching him all week. I am excited about what he might do next. 🙂