The Case of the Male Stripper

I enjoyed this case so much for several reasons. First of all, a very worthy opponent this stripper was. Here goes the details. I was on the lake on a Friday afternoon enjoying the beautiful spring sun. A call came in from a PI colleague saying this case started out just making sure a woman was picked up at the airport by the female cousin. However, a male picked up the subject so the client wants us to follow. I said I could be on the road in a few minutes and headed back to shore. Basically my task was to drive through every hotel in Airport area to find the car driven by the black male. I began at 4pm. I quickly circled each lot soon realizing there was no vacancy anywhere. A big event must be in town I thought because of all the cars. I went online and noticed to stay at the Downtown Holiday Inn was $389 for the night. That means there will be no rooms downtown. So I called the client to ask when did these reservations get made. He told me 48 hours before the flight. I said well she did not get a room downtown. I asked him if there was a credit card in use. He checked, the subject had just purchased a dinner in an area north of airport. Further, the subject had just called and said she was at WalMart. Well I know the area very well so I knew we had a chance. I left the downtown area making it to WalMart within 15 (record breaking) minutes. I did not find the car there so I kept looking. At 9:00 pm I rolled into a lower end hotel to see that beautiful tag number from the car at the airport. I was so relieved. I parked, took integrity shots, got out, mingled with the parking lot full of young people. Turns out there was a sports tournament and a marathon in town that weekend. There was a really nice blue nike sweatshirt laying right beside the car from the airport. I picked it up, it was brand new. Maybe it was just purchased at WalMart by the couple as it was right beside his car??? I kept it. I used it for the whole case. It was like a gift from God. It has a pocket in the front where I kept my camera because at one point during the surveillance it was raining pretty hard. I do something called “show um the colors” which means when I have lots of footage, I know the person is caught, it’s over, I will drive right by them with camera in hand. I do this to people who run, follow me, try to run me off the road, and other stuff that makes a case exciting. I feel I owe to them to let them know they were right. I thought, hey if we go to court I will wear this so they will know how close I was (show um the colors.) So, back to the hotel, I sat there till 10:50 pm. I expected we would have no movement during the night so I took close photos of the car making sure to be able to prove it wasn’t moved then went home.
Next day I was there at 7am, I went to take integrity shots of the vehicle. This car had a sparkly paint job making it look different colors depending on the light. While I was walking around the car I noticed some paperwork in the back seat that had the words “Honorable so n so” I was like….wholly crap is the a freakin judge? I am so out of here. I don’t want any trouble. I text my PI colleague and say…hey this ain’t no male stripper. Is this guy a judge. Meantime I start researching on the internet. Not a judge but yes and attorney. My PI colleague calls to tell me, the male subject is an attorney and a stripper. Wow. Wow. Wow. What a interesting combination of careers. So I settled down for the wait. During the morning, the female subject emerged from on of the rooms to take a call from her spouse. For all of you with smart phones, check out Tape A Call.  Tape a Call allows you to email the conversation but keep in mind if you erase it from your phone, the email link is dead as well. Back to the story, the couple checked out shortly before check out time.  The male driver immediately began offensive driving to evade. He pulled right out of hotel over to empty parking lot. That’s okay, I never moved. He went right, I cut up behind some buildings just in time to see that he only pulled across the main road to make a U turn.  I thought, Here we go. Some people try to avoid by pulling over, getting on freeway then going to turn around however, I have done this a lot. What I do is pray. I pray God help me do a great job. Then I am patient. I think. Sure enough they went right back by. So great. The rest of the details are private for now because I bet this case goes to court. It ended with the couple back at an airport hotel checking out at 10:45 am. She caught her flight back home. It was a great case for this Nashville Female Private Investigator Renee Brewer. I am so thankful for what I do. It is hard on a person finding out their spouse is cheating.  Be positive the hurt gets better pretty quickly! I’ve seen it.
John 8:32

Forgiveness is the Key!

If you have been hurt, cheated on, lied too, maybe consider forgiveness. Tell yourself whatever life brings you will handle it. Allow yourself to feel the pain, then move on. Holding hate in your heart hurts you, not the other person. Ask yourself what your part in the breakdown was and fix that for your next relationship. Read Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages”  Seek out the treasure and you will find it. Holding a grudge or trying to punish someone is not going to bring happiness to your life. Good partners are not attracted to hate in a mate. If you are staying with your cheating spouse, BRAVO, now go learn how to meet his or her needs. Be sure to tell them how to meet yours for total bliss which is what we all deserve.

Don’t be afraid of the truth.

John 8:32

New International Version (NIV)
32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Cobra Spy

We have on hand Computer Monitoring Sofware with 4 second install. Just plug the USB into the PC, in 4 seconds a screen will come up letting you know it is installed. Close the screen, unplug from USB port. The predetermined set up in the software tells the computer to send a copy of all keystrokes and screenshots as often as you like. Anyone can purchase this type of Software for around $160.

Near Accident on 386 South

I left the house at 5:30 am to chase a cheater who will be meeting his girlfriend today. As I approached exit six a large bucket truck inched over into my lane. All at once, I see his front tire nearly hit my front driver quarter panel. I tried to ease the car onto the shoulder but he started coming over fast,  so he could PASS IN THE RAIN ON THE RIGHT in high volume traffic. Idiot. As soon as I hit the shoulder doing 60+ mph I spun to right barely missing the road sign in the median. Spun the left, thinking I am not wearing my seat belt so I hung on to that wheel with all I had. When I spun to the left I was headed towards moving traffic so I yanked the wheel back to the right and hit the median so hard dirt flew all the way up tire, door, mirror and window as I screamed a certain cuss word. I came to a stop with my car center resting over the water culvert running directly under my car. I sat there a minute to allow a bus to use the exit ramp. I took a left onto the off ramp of exit six. I was a little out of sorts. I entered the highway again but stopped at the Dodge store to check out damage. My driver tire rim is caked full of mud. I am so thankful that I bought the very best rain tire available. I paid an additional $30 per tire but it might have just saved my life. I am thankful that my car has front wheel drive. I am glad I am not in the hospital right now. It’s just going to be a thankful day. 🙂 Thank you Lord.