Adultery State of Tennessee

A lot of people say when it comes to divorce, adultery doesn’t matter in the State of Tennessee. Tennessee is a “no fault” state, so in many cases adultery doesn’t matter. Every case is different. When enough evidence is presented in court, it can sway the judge’s decision. Take this next case for instance, my client was not happy in her marriage. The couple had 5 year old twins. She called her husband a “non-participating husband” she was very distraught. My client filed for a divorce. Shortly after filing for divorce, her husband became a better husband. He begged her not to get the divorce. So the couple began counseling. The counselor refused to see the husband after the 2nd visit claiming the husband had an agenda. During the reconciliation period, my client got pregnant, with twins. Well, shortly after the pregnancy was announced, the husband begins spending all his days and nights at work. His phone call log revealed lots of calls to one number. My client attempting to keep her relationship together calmly calls the number. A young female tells her that she is just a potential employee at the husbands office. The calls were arranging an interview, etc. My client accepted the explanation but took note of the incident. A few weeks later the husband began spending long hours at the office again. The suspecting wife called me. We followed the husband for a few weeks. We obtained video of the 25 year-old female at the husband’s office after hours. The wife confronted the husband. The husband filed for a divorce the next day while remaining in the house. My client lost one of the twins in the pregnancy leaving her pregnant with one child. My clients doctor was very concerned about her health because she could not eat or stay calm. She was a mess. Further, the husband told her that Adultery in the State of Tennessee has no weight in a divorce. He stopped his paycheck from going into the joint account which caused an overdraft which remained until we went to court. He withdrew financial support from my client. My client obtained an attorney, turned over the evidence we already uncovered and waited for advice. The attorney’s advice was to stay in the house with the husband and document his presence or absence in the home. Also, continue to inform the husband of the problem at the bank, record all conversations with the husband or his relatives, and try to be nice to all parties involved, keep the female private investigator on the case. The client’s situation left her with no means to keep the private investigators on the case so we made a deal. The deal was we would gather the evidence and continue with surveillance, the client would work on getting the money to pay off her invoice before we go to court. Over an 8 week period, we followed the husband to various restaurants and venues around Nashville while he wined and dined his girlfriend. We found when the husband was not with his girlfriend, he was with other women. We took note of how many drinks, appetizers and T-shirts were purchased by the husband. We actually picked up a receipt copy he dropped on the floor showing he paid cash when he picked up the tab for the 3 persons in the party. We took photos of the wad of cash in his hand when he paid for $4 beers, $30 Crawfish plate, $20 T-shirts and other goodies. Our report was complete with close up photos of the women, the money, and the fun the husband was having while his family bank account was $400 overdrawn. The attorney took the information in the report, presented it to the judge after the husband claimed he was financially strapped, and got a great result. Here is the text message my client sent me as she was leaving court. By the way, she was able our investigators in full on her court date as we had agreed.

“Thanks for all you did for me and the kids!! Today was pretty much a success. He didn’t have to take the stand but my attorneys opening statements said enough to paint a picture for the judge of what this “supposed poor guy trying to make ends meet with his new business.” Hell his attorney didn’t have anywhere to negotiate for him after that.
Basically the judge said he didn’t care if he had to get a 2nd or 3rd job he had to put 7400 a month in a joint account for family expenses…and I got a little bonus of $700 on top of that in a special account for myself for hair, skincare, whatever I like:-)! ”

This case was a very rewarding for our private investigators. We saw what this husband was doing to this wife, we knew we had to help even though she had no way to pay us at the time. We can count it as a win for our client, another unfortunate loss for the institute of marriage.

Nashville TN Private Eye

Sometimes being private eye in Nashville TN means risk. I feel it was easier for me to get close to this “meth” house because I am a female private investigator. The case started when a grandmother called me with great concern in her voice because one of her grandchildren was living in a meth house. The child had a sibling in the hospital with unexplained burns. The police could not prove the child was burned because of meth production but the police were not allowing the child to leave the hospital. The parents were both known to be on meth. They were hiding with the younger sibling, age 6. We knew they were somewhere in off Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, Tennessee. I was hoping for a recent police report or court appearance I could use to track the two meth users. I did not have any success. The grandmother had given me the birth mother’s old cell phone. I told the concerned client I wasn’t sure what I can do with the phone but I would try. About a week later the cell phone rang, I answered, it was a recording from an elementary school about being approved for free lunches. Once I heard that, I called the number back and spoke to a woman who explained the message to me. Once she confirmed the school name I waited at the school with a photo of the child. I saw the child getting on a bus. I followed the bus to where the child got off the bus. A pick up truck with a man and a woman inside was waiting on the bus. The child was greeted by the couple and brought into the truck. The three people stayed parked for 41 minutes, just sitting. I watched them buckle up so I pulled out in front of them. They drove so slow it wasn’t hard to pull off and watch them go by. I only saw what street they turned down so I hurriedly put my dog’s leash on. We rushed down the street where the house was just in time to see the child entering the residence. The couple continuously looked all around in a paranoid fashion. I understand later that week the younger sibling was removed from the home while meth production was underway. Sometimes a private eye can make a difference.

Tis’ The Season

Tis the Season to make sure all is well at home. I have an unmarried client. She has a lot of money. It is so hard for a woman to find a decent man in this world now add money to the equation and it can be nearly impossible. She called this Female Private Investigator for the fourth time in our relationship. She thought she had a good catch. My client lives in Brentwood, she always checks out her new date by having me run a background check. Well the first thing we noticed is his address was not what he said, so that was a red flag. He claimed to have lived at 500 Private Road, Nashville Tennessee when he really lived at 577 Private Road. What is the difference? 500 is a big fine home worth upwards of $400,000, while 577 is a fully gated apartment complex. Well okay she said, we better have a look at where he really lives. So I waited for him to return from my clients dinner party. I saw him enter the apartment complex. He parked near his apartment and then …boom a female approached his truck, gave him a hug and got in with him. I followed him to WalMart where he purchased many gifts for his lovely companion. I listened to them talk, they were obviously intimate with one another. My client was upset but happy to know the truth. She said “do you know how much money you just saved me.” I am happy to do my job I said. She said I was her favorite person in Nashville. I am just doing what I am suppose to. Seek and ye shall find I said.

When You Are Cheated On

There is a reason someone cheats on a spouse. If you have been wounded by a cheating spouse it might be time to get out. If you want to keep the relationship please go get a counselor. Thinking you can guilt someone into staying in a relationship is not smart thinking. Read up on The Five Love Languages. It is difficult to navigate certain aspects of married life. It can be exhausting trying to handle it all on your own or even with your spouse. As a Female Private Investigator I have met several types of spouses who have been cheated on. One type of spouse tells me they want to gather information to ultimately devastate the spouse in some way such as financial. Another type is the spouse who claims to want the information in order to repair the situation. This type of person usually tells me that it takes 2 people to make a marriage work and 2 people to make marriage fail. Then there is the I just need the information to get out clean person. I have several clients that keep in touch. I notice the clients who have received counseling are still together. One client has me follow every new man in her life. Whatever you plight in life it will get better. I think it is best to know who a person is before you fall in love with them.  Be selective.

The Case of the Male Stripper

I enjoyed this case so much for several reasons. First of all, a very worthy opponent this stripper was. Here goes the details. I was on the lake on a Friday afternoon enjoying the beautiful spring sun. A call came in from a PI colleague saying this case started out just making sure a woman was picked up at the airport by the female cousin. However, a male picked up the subject so the client wants us to follow. I said I could be on the road in a few minutes and headed back to shore. Basically my task was to drive through every hotel in Airport area to find the car driven by the black male. I began at 4pm. I quickly circled each lot soon realizing there was no vacancy anywhere. A big event must be in town I thought because of all the cars. I went online and noticed to stay at the Downtown Holiday Inn was $389 for the night. That means there will be no rooms downtown. So I called the client to ask when did these reservations get made. He told me 48 hours before the flight. I said well she did not get a room downtown. I asked him if there was a credit card in use. He checked, the subject had just purchased a dinner in an area north of airport. Further, the subject had just called and said she was at WalMart. Well I know the area very well so I knew we had a chance. I left the downtown area making it to WalMart within 15 (record breaking) minutes. I did not find the car there so I kept looking. At 9:00 pm I rolled into a lower end hotel to see that beautiful tag number from the car at the airport. I was so relieved. I parked, took integrity shots, got out, mingled with the parking lot full of young people. Turns out there was a sports tournament and a marathon in town that weekend. There was a really nice blue nike sweatshirt laying right beside the car from the airport. I picked it up, it was brand new. Maybe it was just purchased at WalMart by the couple as it was right beside his car??? I kept it. I used it for the whole case. It was like a gift from God. It has a pocket in the front where I kept my camera because at one point during the surveillance it was raining pretty hard. I do something called “show um the colors” which means when I have lots of footage, I know the person is caught, it’s over, I will drive right by them with camera in hand. I do this to people who run, follow me, try to run me off the road, and other stuff that makes a case exciting. I feel I owe to them to let them know they were right. I thought, hey if we go to court I will wear this so they will know how close I was (show um the colors.) So, back to the hotel, I sat there till 10:50 pm. I expected we would have no movement during the night so I took close photos of the car making sure to be able to prove it wasn’t moved then went home.
Next day I was there at 7am, I went to take integrity shots of the vehicle. This car had a sparkly paint job making it look different colors depending on the light. While I was walking around the car I noticed some paperwork in the back seat that had the words “Honorable so n so” I was like….wholly crap is the a freakin judge? I am so out of here. I don’t want any trouble. I text my PI colleague and say…hey this ain’t no male stripper. Is this guy a judge. Meantime I start researching on the internet. Not a judge but yes and attorney. My PI colleague calls to tell me, the male subject is an attorney and a stripper. Wow. Wow. Wow. What a interesting combination of careers. So I settled down for the wait. During the morning, the female subject emerged from on of the rooms to take a call from her spouse. For all of you with smart phones, check out Tape A Call.  Tape a Call allows you to email the conversation but keep in mind if you erase it from your phone, the email link is dead as well. Back to the story, the couple checked out shortly before check out time.  The male driver immediately began offensive driving to evade. He pulled right out of hotel over to empty parking lot. That’s okay, I never moved. He went right, I cut up behind some buildings just in time to see that he only pulled across the main road to make a U turn.  I thought, Here we go. Some people try to avoid by pulling over, getting on freeway then going to turn around however, I have done this a lot. What I do is pray. I pray God help me do a great job. Then I am patient. I think. Sure enough they went right back by. So great. The rest of the details are private for now because I bet this case goes to court. It ended with the couple back at an airport hotel checking out at 10:45 am. She caught her flight back home. It was a great case for this Nashville Female Private Investigator Renee Brewer. I am so thankful for what I do. It is hard on a person finding out their spouse is cheating.  Be positive the hurt gets better pretty quickly! I’ve seen it.
John 8:32