Falsely Accused? An outsider’s view.

We help many clients who have been falsely accused. Falsely accusing a spouse of a crime, especially of domestic violence, is the number one strategic move in an ugly divorce. One of our clients was charged with kidnapping because he pushed the button to close the garage door with the wife in the garage. The charges really depend on the willingness of the accuser to lie to the police. If you think your spouse is trying to get an undue restraining order, it could be better to go to a hotel than to go to jail.

One must consider the costs for attorney’s and possibly probation if convicted. Further, it could affect your good standing with the court in the future. It is not worth it, run! Keep your integrity intact. We know how scary it is to have a spouse lie about circumstances. We go the extra mile to help gather the evidence to prove to the court the clients innocence.

Summons to Appear



StillWatch Investigations takes pride in getting the job done as efficiently as possible. We love to get results fast for our clients.

Note: Downtown Nashville nightlife surveillance requires 3-5 investigators so a client can expect to pay up to $1000 for 4 hours of work. Our goal is to do the job right as cost effectively. A client should choose an investigator based on the Nashville investigator’s experience and ability to communicate with the client.


Iphone Find My App

Oct 16, 2019, we keep up with technology around here! We have found that the new Iphone Find My App is not accurate for location. If a person’s phone is near the airport, the app indicates the person is at the airport when in fact the person could be up to 2 miles a way from the airport. The old app Find my Friends had a refresh button and the new Find My app does not have the refresh button. The new Find My app does have a time stamp letting the user know the last time the phone was seen and where. Another new feature is when a person hits the alert me when a person leaves button, it now notifies the other party that someone is requesting to know what time they leave. Do not trust this app when it comes to where your loved one is. Make sure you look closely at the Find My map before deciding where the phone is location. 

Private Investigator Rate

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator? It depends on the PI company. StillWatch Investigations handles mostly infidelity and custody cases. At Still Watch Investigations we will recommend the correct number of investigators for the job which can get expensive. Downtown Nashville nightlife investigations requires three investigators so a client can expect to pay up to $1000 for 4 hours of work. Some of our cases last for several months so we keep our rates very competitive. Our goal is to do the job right as cost effectively as we can for the client. There are many great investigators in the Nashville Tennessee area. A client should choose an investigator based on the investigator’s experience and ability to communicate with the client, not the rate.

Missing Child Found

Here is the story of missing child Claire Cooney.

Story of a Missing Child

The above link will take you to the interview Renee Brewer did with Nashville Fox 17 about missing child Claire Cooney. Basically, we got the call March 2, 2017 about a missing little girl. The sobbing woman on the phone said “you don’t require a thousand dollar retainer?” I said tell me what is going on.  After learning that Claire Cooney had been taken by her birth mother and her criminal boyfriend who ran to avoid  prison, I got interested. The distraught grandmother tried to control her emotions while she told me about Claire. One hour later I was in Dickson Tennessee not sure if I would get paid or not but the woman sounded legit. As I was driving around the Dickson hotels, the grandmother called back to tell me that someone just called 911 to report a possible endangered child in Centerville Tennessee. So I hurried down to that location. I heard the story that Becky from Becky’s thrift store told the police. After listening to the concerned store owner, I went and made a hundred flyers complete with 4 pages of color photos. I began passing those out all over Hickman and Dickson counties. Then I went home late and began running crisscross background checks on both Miranda Cooney and Jonathan Dennis Bromen. I found each of them had family in several parts of Tennessee. We posted PI’s on the relatives to watch for activity. I set up a website while one of my great investigators, Sabrina, pulled together a press conference. We received several tips which led us to Tellico Plains Tennessee. We stayed in that area for three days passing out flyers and receiving tips. Finally, after a snow storm, Jon, Miranda and Claire walked out of the woods. They were hold up in an old gold miners campground at Coker Creek Tennessee, right next to Tellico Plains. They told Claire they were walking to town because the battery on the vehicle was dead. They had been walking for 2.8 miles when they were found. The nearest town was Tellico Plains at 11 miles but they were walking towards Ducktown on Hwy 68 which was 23 miles away. When we found the Trailblazer, it had been driven deep into the woods and stuck between trees. The rangers had to cut down trees to get the vehicle out of the Cherokee National Forest. The vehicle started right up without any need for a battery jump. They had no intention of using the vehicle again because they knew we would be looking for it.

Missing child Claire Cooney campsite

Claire Cooney missing child campsite

I do not understand this bizarre behavior from any person. Claire did not have on any undergarments. She had not changed clothes or taken a bath in 10 days. Jon dyed her hair black and left the dye in the hair. When Claire bathed on March 13, 2017 at 1:00AM, the bath water was black from chemical hair dye.

Photo of dark bath water

Bath water of missing child’s first bath.

One big issue that has come up for me is the fact that Miranda Cooney is not facing any charges. What is going to stop these women from falsely accusing the men of inappropriate conduct in order to take the child? I am going to be contacting some members of congress to discuss changing the law.

Miranda Cooney took a child from her home in Minnesota to run from authorities with a violent criminal. The missing child was 5 years-old, she had a birthday during the month she was gone. Claire, the missing child, had severe diarrhea shortly after “moving to the mountain” so she ran out of undergarments in the first couple of days. She had to use a bucket to relieve herself. Claire said no matter how many blankets they laid upon her, Claire could not get warm. This is child abuse at it’s finest. Miranda may need some professional guidance.