Tracking Laws


Tennessee State Code TCA 39-13-606 allows for a vehicle to be tracked if all registered owners of the vehicle have consented. Many times a client is not able to legally track a spouse or partner’s vehicle. If you are looking for a way to legally track someone there are a few options. Currently there are no laws in place to address tracking a cell phone with an app. Iphone has a FindAFriend app that can be turned on and off by user at anytime.  We have found FindAFriend is not accurate, many times it will show the phone up to a mile away from its actual location. If you are experiencing this flaw in the system, refresh the app, maybe see if the person will text you back so the app can pick up a more accurate location. Find My IPhone is app that have found to be accurate. However, a person must have access to the password on someone’s ICloud account to use Find My IPhone. Another option is to track your own vehicle then trade vehicles with your partner. We had one case where the husband traded vehicles with his wife telling her he was going out of town. He told his wife that since her car was better on gas he preferred taking her car. Also he could make sure it was driving correctly and get an oil change. Further, at the appropriate time, the husband called his brother, had his brother three way call the wife, making the wife think her husband was far away at his brothers’s house. As soon as she thought her husband was far away she drove to her paramour’s residence.  She was very shocked when she returned home to find her husband waiting with a video of her activities in hand. The penalty for tracking someone’s vehicle is pretty stiff so don’t track it unless you own it.

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Craigslist & Hook-Ups

Hook Up Mid Day

Do Not Disturb

A hook-up is where a person meets another person by responding to or placing an ad on various websites that provide discreet ways of making introductions. Some husbands and wives around Nashville are participating in hook-ups. I am surprised at the influx of Nashville clients with the this problem. This problem is difficult to tackle. Our investigators did have some recent success in Nashville. We use a “machine gun” strategy in order to catch these types of cheaters. In addition to surveillance we log into all our accounts to try and get the cheater’s attention. One man met our undercover investigator at a restaurant within 24 hours of our first communication. Recently, after being caught on camera, a husband revealed some truths to his wife about the hook-up scene. The husband tells his wife that in order to have the hook-up a person has to provide to other party with a clean bill of health. This explained why the husband spent two hours at the health department a week before the hook-up. The two applications he was using on his phone to communicate with his potential hook-ups was Kik Dating App and Yahoo Messenger. He was meeting up with different professional people at hotels for 2-4 hour periods for sex. On the last day of our investigation, our team waited in the parking lot of a cheap hotel from 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm while the hook up took place. The female he met at the hotel was a married local professional.

Hook-Up Central Nashville

Hook-Up Central Nashville

If you feel your spouse may be participating in hook-ups here are some warning signs. Secret medical visits, unexplained absences, protecting phone, hiding sex toys, strange condoms, and of course, sexual transmitted disease.

My advice to clients is get some help if you can. Get a psychologist or doctor to hear you story. Get a full blood work up and inform a close friend of your thoughts. Be careful, you never know how badly people want to keep a secret. It is better to have help rather than go it alone. And oh, by the way, you are not crazy. Call us if you need our help.

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Cell Number Search

Many clients request a phone number search which costs $35 for Simple Number to

Cell Phone Search

Name Search, and $10 for up to 4 additional numbers.

Things to do before you pay for Cell Phone Search:

  1. Search the number through Facebook, Linkedin, and other Social Media Services. Increasing security practices has people attaching cell phone numbers to accounts for verification. Even though the cell number may not be available for public viewing, it still may be listed in searchable data.
  2. Google Search the number.
  3. Search the cell phone the number was called from to see if the number listed in Contacts. Open contacts then type the number in the search bar.
  4. Call the number from an unknown number or have someone else do it, then ask for a predetermined name. If you suspect your call will be answered by a female, have a man call and visa-versa. The caller should be confident that he or she has the right person until someone corrects you. Hopefully the person will say, this is not so-n-so, my name is ______.