Papa Paparazzi

Nashville is becoming a hot spot for stars. Sometimes “Stars” need a little peace in their life. This Female Private Investigator provided a unique kind of VIP guest security recently There were five private investigators on this case on this night. We drove behind the Black Target Vehicle making sure no one followed us to our locations before changing it up for the client. It is difficult for a well known person to have a normal evening on the town. It was a great night of birthday celebration for our “stars” wife. Her birthday wish was to go out in a normal car to a normal restaurant for a normal evening. With some planning we made it happen. We loaned the couple my car which wasn’t fancy. We tailed them around town while the other PI’s continued to follow the Black Target Vehicle to distract the Paparazzi It was an interesting evening in Nashville Tennessee for this Private Investigator. I called the night a great success. Below is “normal” meal according to the birthday girl.

We go where the case leads us – Franklin TN

Third day of surveillance in Franklin Tennessee. Our subject is suppose to be unable to work. LOL…This morning I was glad I couldn’t sleep. I went on over there early arriving at 5:40 am. Within 5 minutes of my arrival the subject exits his home and proceeds to the interstate. After following him to Columbia Tennessee, I witnessed this man carry a 8 foot ladder 50 feet from a small office building to a garage under construction. He opened up a cabinet near the garage and pulled out a drill. He climbed the ladder with the drill in his right hand while climbing to very top of the ladder. He stood on the second step from the top as his began drilling into the structure. About 15 minutes later two men arrived and appeared ready to work. The subject came down from the ladder to help the other two gentlemen carry 2×4’s from the small office to the garage. This subject has made this female private investigator very happy. I continued to video tape the activities while I called my client. The case is not over because we have plenty of footage of the unable to work subject working very hard. I even got a close up of the sweat on his brow. 🙂 YEE HAW!

When You Are Cheated On

There is a reason someone cheats on a spouse. If you have been wounded by a cheating spouse it might be time to get out. If you want to keep the relationship please go get a counselor. Thinking you can guilt someone into staying in a relationship is not smart thinking. Read up on The Five Love Languages. It is difficult to navigate certain aspects of married life. It can be exhausting trying to handle it all on your own or even with your spouse. As a Female Private Investigator I have met several types of spouses who have been cheated on. One type of spouse tells me they want to gather information to ultimately devastate the spouse in some way such as financial. Another type is the spouse who claims to want the information in order to repair the situation. This type of person usually tells me that it takes 2 people to make a marriage work and 2 people to make marriage fail. Then there is the I just need the information to get out clean person. I have several clients that keep in touch. I notice the clients who have received counseling are still together. One client has me follow every new man in her life. Whatever you plight in life it will get better. I think it is best to know who a person is before you fall in love with them.  Be selective.

Headache Day. Bad Storm

Yesterday was a bust. I had a headache all day long. Today it is gone. So I woke up to find the little dog Cookie under my bed, like hiding. So I just go about my routine. I walk into my office and there it is…pee pee on the floor. I go to find her. I have to pull her out from under the bed. Took her outside, no pee pee. Okay well that is because she went in the house. So we return inside. She is still acting weird. So we go for a walk. Wow, we got some trees down in the neighborhood. Branches all over the road in front of the house. Maybe Cookie got scared? I did not hear anything.

Today we will be looking to prove where a person lives so we can invite that person to court. Fun. I am interviewing a man on Wednesday to possibly join my team of investigators. Have a great day! Call me if you need me! Renee and Cookie.

Process Service goes great

Tonight I had to serve some paperwork on a person in Belle Meade. I met two great ladies. We talked for a while, became friends on Facebook and just had a nice time talking. The little dog has a need to look out the window while we drive so I put my car desk in the passenger seat with a pillow on the top. She loves it. She checks out all the passing vehicles and looks at me funny if I jerk her around. I am going to fix her up a harness for safety. She is fun! I find myself smiling more when I return to the car with her inside waiting.