Fuguitive Brought to Justice

This Female Private Investigator has made a difference in Nashville Tennessee. A fugitive from justice has been apprehended. It all started the week after Christmas. I heard a friend was having a lot of trouble at work with the new HR Director. The 53 year old woman began firing people her first week on the job. She began telling the staff that she was in charge. There are 2 partners in this company. One is silent and the other one hired a HR Director then left town leaving the staff to deal with this woman. Apparently, the woman provided her own background check to the Nashville employer. The employer normally runs a statewide background check but that would not have mattered because the new HR Director was using a phoney name. So as a favor to my friend I got involved. I pulled a background check on this woman, within minutes I could see we had a criminal. There were some unspecified charges on her report so I started calling other states to ask about this woman. I called every town where she had ever resided. I found a warrant for skipping out on Parole in 2012, and warrant for identity theft. She also sued her former (construction industry employer) for discrimination AND WON! However, the claim has not been paid yet so I called the employer and let them know she had filed the lawsuit under a fictitious name. I also called some of her old neighbors. One lady gave me another employers name, I called, the fugitive had filed a law suit against that employer as well. In less than 4 hours I had enough information to put this woman back in jail. I called the Parole officer in the other state. I began working with an Extradition Officer in the other state. They went to arrest the woman, she yelled mistaken identity, she could not provide any ID to prove who she was so the Metro Officer had to leave her alone. She said she would file a law suit against Davidson County if the officer falsely arrested her. So we had to get photos from the other state. So the Extradition Officer in the other state sent photos to the Extradition Officer at Davidson County Tennessee Parole Board. After the photos were received I followed up with the Extradition Officer in Nashville Tennessee.  Within hours of my call the fugitive was picked up. She told a staff member “hide my purse” as she was being arrested. After she was gone, the staff member gave the purse to the now back in the office boss, he called Metro to pick the purse up. Why did she want her purse hidden? She had her fake ID in there along with prescription drugs bottles with the false name. I do background checks for a range of prices. Please look at my site www.backgroundchecksnashville.com

A background check is only as good as the company behind it. 

GPS Tracker

Private Investigating is easy when a client owns the vehicle. The we can use a tracker. I recommend the Spy Matrix Pro GPS Tracker. It is real time tracking with a very short delay when used properly. This can save time and money for the client. This investigator uses a tracker like the one shown below in and around Nashville Tennessee regularly with great success.