Rescued Dog Cookie Still Here

I found this dog 12/31/11 at a YMCA event. She was under 5 lbs, very wet, weak and biting anyone who came near her. I got her home after 3 doggie bites to my arm, then put her in the bathroom with wet food and water. In about an hour I checked on her. She leaped into my arms and we have been best pals ever since. This is a very smart dog. However, she will nip or even bite someone who is pushing her to her limit. After a long sickness with doggie Pancreatitis, she is very active. Thanks to my mom for taking care of the dog with me. Cookie likes to go bye bye, so I made a nice dog area in my car for travel.

Cookie Plays fetch alone 2012 Click Here


The above video is March 2015 with K-9 Unit 1
She seems to be on a surveillance.


Franklin Tennessee

Just started this case. Hard house to watch. My subject is suppose to be completely incapacitated, only able to get around with a wheel chair. Well today I saw him pulling a luggage cart that seemed very heavy. Then he unloaded the luggage cart into his van. He was tossing the bags into the side door of the van. I got so tickled. If he only knew how wonderful his actions are too me. I followed him to a storage unit where he tossed the bags into the small garage type of unit. I was so glad the storage unit sat below a hill. I was able to sit higher than this man and get some great footage. My client will be very happy. I will be watching him all week. I am excited about what he might do next. 🙂