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As a Female Private Investigator in Nashville Tennessee I get a lot of calls asking what is available for free. A person can run a free local background check several ways. I recommend accessing the public record computers located in the county clerk’s office in any county in Tennessee. Just walk in, ask the folks to help you locate the criminal record computer and the civil record computer. Next thing I use is This site will give you historical address information listing the names of all the people in the house. Further, the site gives the names of neighbors which a person can call to find out general information. Nashville Tennessee is located in Davidson County. Search Davidson County TN Criminal Records and find the site to search case information. You don’t have to be a Private Investigator just have the name and date of birth to get lots of defendant details. These types of criminal record searches are available in many cities today.

Nashville Cell Phone search a frequent request for this private investigator. We can not obtain cell phone records without a subpoena. Some people attach a cell phone number to their Facebook account. Even though the number is not visible to the public when the cell number entered in the search area on Facebook will bring up the person’s profile. Tip: When you are spying on a cell phone it is a good idea to turn on video record on another phone to document what you find because the information may be gone later. Lay the suspicious cell phone down with recording cell phone recording what if found. I do have a pay service which is able to search for cell phone numbers by name or give a name to a number.

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Private Investigator Jackson Mississippi

Now I am a Private Investigator in Jackson Mississippi. I find myself a part of a support team in Canton Mississippi. This female private investigator is bored here in Canton. I am giving support to some an engineering firm but I find myself sitting all day at the hotel as my services are only needed by phone mostly plus taking control of some deliveries. If you need a great private investigator who is licensed in Tennessee please call me at 615-207-4115 Renee Brewer Private Investigator.

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The Real Deal

The real life of a female private investigator is difficult. Your schedules always changing so it’s hard to work out on a regular basis. It’s so nice to get up and go every day at the same time but that doesn’t happen in this world. Last week I got up at 3 AM on three mornings in a row. Problem is when you have a case like that you can’t sleep anyway. This disturbs the whole household. I woke my husband up at 2:30 AM to say I’m going out there and he woke up and said can’t we just have a normal life. The next day he doesn’t remember saying that. Sometimes the pursuit is slow. You have to slowly watch someone develop their routine for you. If you get too close you’ll blow it. You have to wait for it. Waiting for it can mean waking up at 3 AM every morning until finally process is complete. Put the information together in pieces. And you hit the mother load and you get pumped up on adrenaline. There’s so much information you have time to videotape morning noon and night. By the time you get home and settled down it hits you. My private investigator friend RenĂ©e calls it surveillance jetlagged. The next day after all these wonderful events a private investigator is expected to write the report. However the headache can come upon you that will put you to bed. Your muscles ache like you’ve been in a fight. It literally takes good nutrition and Advil to pull you out. You would think nice nap would help but you can’t sleep. You have to wait out the process. Some exercise helps.  Now I have learned to send myself emails all during the day via Siri recording events for the report very accurately. Surveillance is always calmer and more collected when you have two people. So to answer my husband’s question No, we can’t have a normal life.

Employee Activity

Some employers need to know what is happening at the workplace for various reasons. In the past we have pretended to be customers on behalf of our clients. We have also followed employees in company vehicles to document various infractions.

Computer Pursuit

If a person is on Craigslist or Match websites, it is possible to draw the person out with communications. In some cases it can take a few weeks to achieve results. However, in some cases we have a “date” in just a few hours. We also have spy monitoring software for Mac and PC.