Employee Surveillance

Nashville Tennessee is growing fast these days. More clients are requesting employee surveillance to save money on future problems. Investigating an employee may include following company vehicles, taking note of speeds, driving habits, passengers, unauthorized use of equipment, and other information. Previously, we were able to document activities leading the employer to believe illegal narcotics were being obtained and used on the job. Sometimes an employee activities create liability for a Company. Prinow Investigations provides employee surveillance gathering facts to help protect the companies from potential law suits.

Franklin Tennessee

Just started this case. Hard house to watch. My subject is suppose to be completely incapacitated, only able to get around with a wheel chair. Well today I saw him pulling a luggage cart that seemed very heavy. Then he unloaded the luggage cart into his van. He was tossing the bags into the side door of the van. I got so tickled. If he only knew how wonderful his actions are too me. I followed him to a storage unit where he tossed the bags into the small garage type of unit. I was so glad the storage unit sat below a hill. I was able to sit higher than this man and get some great footage. My client will be very happy. I will be watching him all week. I am excited about what he might do next. 🙂