Background Checks Nashville

Why get a Background Check? One good reason for instance, in Nashville Tennessee a person will run into a lot of “freelance” workers. While most of these people are good industry people others are not. A person can run many criminal checks for free in various cities. For Nashville Criminal Checks click the following text:

Davidson County Tennessee Criminal Record Check

I ran a background check on a production company recently to find the owner had a long criminal record of fraud. I did some research to find out exactly what had happened. The first thing I found was a previous client of this production company had not received their masters after 8 months. Our client was glad a background check saved a lot of future headaches.

If you are coming to Nashville to record please do some research on who you are going into business with. It is better to pay a little more for the quality results. Get references for the producer and the recording studio. Go online and read any reviews. If you are not able to complete your own background check please call Prinow Investigations.

For $125, you can have a background check within 24 hours. Background checks range from $50 – $125. For $50 we can search for criminal records, sex offender records and past addresses. The background checks go up from there. Our most comprehensive background check provides liens, assets, vehicles, possible relatives, website listings of subject, mugshots (if any available) and other in depth information. We frequently investigate using social media like Facebook, Ashley Madison, Craigslist and other online hook-up services.

One client who could not catch her Craigslist cheating husband consulted with Prinow. We suggested she go out of town so he would be able to use the computer freely. The fee was $500 for the weekend and on Monday she received: Her husband’s very detailed emails about his desires, a video of her husband meeting me at a Mexican Restaurant having drinks and a recording of the conversation we had at the bar. This Nashville PI did not have to appear in court because the evidence said it all.