Cell Number Search

Many clients request a phone number search which costs $35 for Simple Number to

Cell Phone Search

Name Search, and $10 for up to 4 additional numbers.

Things to do before you pay for Cell Phone Search:

  1. Search the number through Facebook, Linkedin, and other Social Media Services. Increasing security practices has people attaching cell phone numbers to accounts for verification. Even though the cell number may not be available for public viewing, it still may be listed in searchable data.
  2. Google Search the number.
  3. Search the cell phone the number was called from to see if the number listed in Contacts. Open contacts then type the number in the search bar.
  4. Call the number from an unknown number or have someone else do it, then ask for a predetermined name. If you suspect your call will be answered by a female, have a man call and visa-versa. The caller should be confident that he or she has the right person until someone corrects you. Hopefully the person will say, this is not so-n-so, my name is ______.