Testimonies from Clients

We are very thankful for these unsolicited reviews. These are clients who are willing to give StillWatch a verbal review if asked to do so. 

December 2020

If you are reading this it’s because you haven’t decided on which private investigator to use. I was just like you, searching for the right comment or review to give me a comfortable feel about a certain company or individual. I can tell you right now that your search is over. You have the found the person and company to trust with your investigative needs. Renee and her team are competent, confidential, and they efficiently get what you need. I consider communication paramount because I had never used a private investigator, and Renee was there every step of the way to make sure I stayed informed and comfortable. There’s no need to keep searching for the right investigator because you have found it with Stillwatch and Renee.

Previous Client

April 2019

I am extremely pleased with the professionalism, response times, and ability to think out of the box to collect information for my case while the fees charged were more than reasonable by Stillwatch Investigations, managed by owner Renee Brewer.

All the signs of a cheating wife were in front of me from about March 2017 after my wife started a new factory job.  Her cheating was done mostly during work hours, and there were times she was tracked off the factory property.  Renee and her team’s personal involvement uncovered what looked like a number of activities including a drug ring, a prostitution ring, and the likelihood that my spouse was having an affair with one of the ringleaders.  Further, my wife’s new “friends” were people with convictions such as prostitution, drugs, assault, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, domestic violence, and host of other felonies. I was stunned.

My wife had all the signs of a cheating spouse including significant loss of weight and a lot more attention to grooming.  She spent lots of money on Victoria Secret’s clothes, perfumes, seductive lipsticks and such. She began carrying her phone everywhere including to the shower. Telephone logs suggested she was involved with a number of single males plus the possibility of Lesbianism. When I brought these things to her attention, she would back away and become offensive and argumentative.  This is a woman I have been with and loved for the past 17 years.

This was not an easy case to get conclusive evidence.  Prior to hiring Stillwatch Investigations, I had hired and paid retainer fees to three other Private Investigator Firms.  The first was from Lebanon, TN and I put up a $3,000 retainer in April 2017.  Since then, I did not hear another word from this PI and she would not reply to my emails or answer calls.  In short, I had been taken for $3,000.  I hired a second PI in November 2017 and she was more focused and charged by the hour.  She was able to get me background checks that were relevant to the case.  However, she was unable to get on the inside of my wife’s workplace to figure out what was going on. That cost another $2,000. 

In May 2017, I received a recommendation to contact Renee Brewer at Stillwatch Investigations and I’m glad I did.  She took on the case and was able to get two undercover investigators into the workplace and uncover a close relationship my wife was having with another individual.  It was clearly “inappropriate marital behavior.”  I was very suspicious that she was taking and/or distributing drugs, going off the workplace for activities that might suggest prostitution and/or a fling with a boyfriend, and my wife was certainly tied up with a number of men in the workplace who were single and she had no business having a close, personal relationship with them.  Renee discovered movements all around the workplace (both inside and out) that confirmed drug activities and strong suspicion of prostitution by my wife and other women from that workplace. GPS tracking showed movements by my wife that she clearly lied about.  One instance placed her almost 20 miles away for several hours (and two trips to the same location) during work hours.  She completely denies being away from work. 

 Because I had a difficult time collecting “real” proof of what was happening (like catching her in the act), I contracted yet another investigator locally from Hendersonville.  He and his lead investigator met me with and assured me they could crack this case with the information I provided.  I handed over a $3000 retainer to this individual and ended up like that first PI – he took my monies and did not respond to my emails or calls. 

Thereafter, I put all my efforts into Renee’s work.  She actually let me slip on a couple fees and that’s rare in this World today.  She was able to get two investigators inside the workplace who got pictures, videos, and confirmation that drugs were being passed around and that my wife was having a very close, cozy relationship with one of the other employees that I had suspicions about.

I now have a decision to make thanks to all the evidence and information that Stillwatch was able to collect for me.  They worked very closely with me and used some of the latest technologies to collect their information.  Without them, I would not have nearly the evidence I needed to confront my spouse about her inappropriate behavior that are grounds for divorce.  There are still parts of the investigation that are still ongoing.  So, I’m unable to fully document here some of those activities.  However, I will say that if you need a top-notch Private Investigator who will not take your money and run, and who will get you results, consider Stillwatch.  In my mind, they did the best job of the four that I hired for the job.  Thank you Stillwatch.

A satisfied customer, Gallatin, TN.  

April 2017

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Renee’s help in finding my 6 year old daughter Claire. Renee headed out as soon as she realized we did not have much time. Someone called 911 about a hungry child which gave us a lead in Dickson Tennessee. Thanks to the Perham Police who were helping us track these types of calls. Renee stayed on the trail for 12 days following up on every sighting. Renee ended up in East Tennessee in the National Forest. After posting flyers in the area for 3 days, Claire was seen walking with her mother and the boyfriend Jon Broman (30+ criminal records).  Renee was on the scene in 10 minutes. Renee took custody of Claire while Jon was arrested. Claire’s mother was released. Jon Broman and Claire’s mother were never charged with a crime even though Claire was living in the woods with not so much as a tent. Claire ate Shrimp Top Raman, drank river water, and had diarrhea during her ordeal. Claire had not bathed in 12 days when found, her hair had been dyed black as well as cut off to look like a boy. We would not have found Claire without Renee. We will be forever grateful for all her hard work. Further, we did not have money to pay for these services so Renee built a Go Fund Me page which raised the money we needed. Renee knows how I feel about her. Renee cares. Perham, MN.