Female Private Investigator Serving Nashville Tennessee since 2008


Female Private Investigator Renee Brewer has been providing clients with quality investigations since 2008. The StillWatch team of investigators provide discreet surveillance, professional background checks, custody observance, attorney support, divorce assistance and general investigative services. StillWatch Investigations hires both male and female private investigators to meet all our clients needs. 

StillWatch Investigations uses a variety of investigative tools such as background checks, covert car cams, body cams, dash cams, witness interviews, and asset investigations. Our clients include attorneys, employers, private citizens, and insurance companies. We have extensive experience conducting covert surveillance, providing writing reports with video. Clients can follow along as reports are updated in real time. Many clients want to know about GPS tracking services. We use the latest technology with PT-V3 Trackers with 4 second delay. Anyone can purchase a tracker and a no-contract plan.  We offer vehicle tracking services if the Tennessee State Code requirements are met. Clients are required to provide proof of ownership of a vehicle before we will consider using a tracking device.

If you are conducting a personal background investigation there are many free or low cost options provided to the general public such as:

TBI $29 Statewide Background Check

Professional Background Checks are far superior to online background checks. Many times false information is coupled with correct information on reports obtained from low-cost online background check providers. The cost for a basic background check is $60 at Still Watch Investigations. Please call if you need help deciding which background check will meet your individual needs. Please read our blog posts to get more tips on things a person can do before contacting a PI.

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